About Techvisa

Techvisa is a specialist Migration Agency with offices across Australia. We offer a personalised migration service to recruitment agencies, businesses, and individuals.

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We’re not kidding when we say we have an obsession with ensuring the migration process is as simple as possible for your business, your new employee, or you as an individual.

We’re proud to work with some of the most game-changing tech companies and individuals locally and across the globe to navigate the process for acquiring a work visa or permanent residency status in Australia.

There’s never been a more exciting time in the Australian technology ecosystem with large amounts of venture capitalist funding, dynamic start-ups, and Government jumping on board to push innovation. At the same time, there have been significant changes in migration policy, so an ability to keep up to date is imperative.

The tech space moves at lightning speed and we pride ourselves on alleviating pressure in the migration space through our support as a trusted partner allowing our clients to focus on what they’re best at, innovating within their industry.

Our Journey

While both respectively leading careers in management with global firms, they together identified skill shortages within the Australian market, and from there Techvisa was born, going on to support some of the most innovative organisations across the tech landscape. Sam and Natasha are changing the way organisations and employees view the migration process by ensuring it’s as easy as possible.

With combined specialist backgrounds in recruitment, technology, and migration, Sam and Natasha draw on their extensive professional networks, market knowledge, and a deep understanding of immigration requirements to ensure an unrivalled and seamless migration process for their clients.

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Our Team

Photo of Sam Bricknell

Sam Bricknell

Co-Founder & CEO

Registered Migration Agent (MARN 1577562)

With over 10 years of experience in global recruitment, Sam has built his profession on helping to shape the industry of the future with a foundation in tech and IT talent placement, and management of the migration process. A leading voice in migration, Sam is passionate about maximising positive outcomes for clients during this exciting and unique time in the Australian technology ecosystem.

Photo of Natasha Prevot

Natasha Prévot

Co-Founder & Director

Registered Migration Agent (MARN 1575593)

Natasha’s Immigration & recruitment experience spans internationally, having excelled at 360-degree recruitment across multiple industries through to managing high performing migration teams. Natasha’s deep knowledge of regional Immigration combined with her extensive expertise within the industry has seen her passionately partner with some of the brightest minds and organisations delivering unrivalled results.

Photo of Emily Liu

Emily Liu

General Manager

Senior Registered Migration Agent (MARN 1572714)

Emily is an absolute stand-out in our industry and her passion for Immigration is unparalleled. She is the one that we turn to for the latest insight into new programs/policies and with close to a decade of industry experience, you’ll be glad to have her on your side as your trusted immigration adviser. Emily is also bilingual in Mandarin and English.

Photo of Rebecca Maait

Rebecca Canas

Principal Migration Agent

Principal Registered Migration Agent (MARN: 1575531)

With more than 5 years’ experience in the migration field, Rebecca has extensive experience in assisting both individual and corporate clients obtain Australian visas and permanent residence status through employer-sponsored, other work and family sponsored visas. Throughout her career, Rebecca has worked on a wide range of complex cases, involving a great deal of critical thinking and commitment. She prides herself on her research skills, and won’t stop until she has a solution.

Photo of Priscilla Ryan

Priscilla Ryan

Registered Migration Agent

Registered Migration Agent (MARN: 2217770)

Priscilla is passionate about helping others call Australia home. Priscilla has a first-hand understanding of the migration process.
The combination of Priscilla’s intimate knowledge around migration and Graduate Diploma in Migration Law and Practice sees her perfectly primed to create strong outcomes for her clients. Priscilla also speaks Portuguese.

Photo of Will Lam

Will Lam

Registered Migration Agent

Registered Migration Agent (MARN: 1913731)

Before completing his studies in Migration Law, Will worked for a high growth start up in Sydney. He has now been working in the migration for 3 years and since joining Techvisa, has become an integral part of the team. He’s an absolute gun, juggling multiple applications across various clients, all with their own intricacies.

Photo of Megan Sheffield

Megan Sheffield

Senior Client Support Specialist

Megan is our go-to administrative guru! With over 10 years’ experience within Migration administration as well as being qualified in business administration, she is well versed in supporting applicants on their migration journey. Her passion for helping people achieve their dream of living in Australia resonates in all that she does.
Photo of Zach Zocher

Lucas Soares

Client Support Specialist

As a proactive, thorough & attentive member of our team, Lucas endeavours to ensure our clients feel supported at each and every step of their journey. Lucas’ compassionate nature and lived experience gives him exceptional insight into the needs of global talent, granting him a unique perspective on what it takes to transition into a role within the Australian workforce. 

Photo of Lucas Soares

Zach Zocher

Registered Migration Agent

Registered Migration Agent (MARN:2217725)

When it comes to migration, you can rest assured that Zach will be your beacon of light. With a keen eye for detail and impeccable research skills, Zach brings both positive vibes & a go-getter attitude to every project he’s involved in. Zach’s ability to ensure our clients are kept informed and at ease throughout their journey is what makes him so invaluable. 

Sherwin Noorian

US Immigration Lawyer

Sherwin is the only dual qualified, dual-citizen United States and Australian immigration lawyer based in and practising out of Australia.

Sherwin has ten years of US immigration law experience and has been practising US immigration law out of Australia for nearly five years. Sherwin’s business immigration experience ranges from supporting the US immigration needs of some of the most innovative and ambitious Australian startups doing business in the US through to ASX-listed corporates sending employees to the US.

Tu Nguyen

Client Support Specialist

As a dedicated client support specialist, Tu is committed to providing thorough and attentive assistance to our clients, ensuring they receive the support they need at every stage of their journey. With a deep understanding of the needs of our diverse clientele, Tu offers exceptional insight and guidance. Currently pursuing a Graduate Diploma in Migration Law and Practice, she is on her way to becoming a registered migration agent, further enhancing her ability to assist individuals navigating the complexities of immigration processes

Pimsuda Viriyakosol

Client Support Specialist

Pim is a highly valued member of the Techvisa team with an exceptional eye for detail. She is currently studying a Juris Doctor at the University of NSW. Pim works closely with our team of Registered Migration Agents, providing the highest level of support with all types of applications.
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Our Approach

Techvisa are the go-to in the tech space for Immigration. Techvisa have worked with some of the most game-changing tech companies and individuals locally and across the globe to navigate the process for acquiring a work visa or permanent residency status in Australia. Given their experience and knowledge of the IT space, they manage the entire application process from A-Z and require minimal input from the company.