Global Talent

The Global Talent Employer Scheme is a new initiative from the Department of Home Affairs to support the Technology and STEM-based industries in accessing emerging skillsets that aren’t currently listed on the skilled occupation lists.

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While your business might already be set up to be a sponsor, by completing the details below we can give advice on eligibility for the Global Talent Scheme.

This scheme will give you unprecedented access to roles not currently eligible for sponsorship via a fast-tracked process, and put you on a level playing field with other companies in being able to attract the best and brightest talent.

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Start-up Stream
For technology or STEM start-up businesses.

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Established Business Stream
Businesses which are listed or which have at least AUD 4 million turnover for the last 2 years and are accredited TSS sponsors.

We’re offering a free assessment of your business to ensure you are eligible and from there will advise you on the process, based on whether you’re a Start-up or an Established Business. We offer the free assessment without obligation so it’s completely up to you as to whether you would like to move ahead.

Global Talent Independent Program

The Global Talent Independent Program, is a streamlined visa pathway for highly skilled professionals to work and live permanently in Australia. Australia is after the brightest and best global talent to work in seven future-focused sectors and Techvisa have had some recent big wins under this program having received multiple approvals for many start-ups looking to scale.

The sectors are as follows:

  • AgTech
  • FinTech
  • MedTech
  • Resources
  • Education
  • Infrastructure / Tourism
  • Circular Economy
  • Cyber Security
  • Space and Advanced Manufacturing / Defence
  • Energy and Mining Technology
  • QI, Advanced Digital, Data Science and ICT
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To consider this program, individuals must:

  • Prove they are internationally recognised with evidence of outstanding achievements
  • Still be prominent in their field of expertise
  • Provide evidence that they would be an asset to Australia, in their area of expertise
  • Have no difficulty obtaining employment in Australia or becoming established in their field
  • Have a recognised organisation or individual in Australia endorse them as global talent, in the same field as the applicant
  • Ability to attract a salary of $158K + Super > However, no promise of employment is required.