Global Talent Employer Scheme

The Global Talent Employer Scheme is a new initiative from the Department of Home Affairs to support the Technology and STEM-based industries in accessing emerging skillsets that aren’t currently listed on the skilled occupation lists.
While your business might already be set up to be a sponsor, by completing the details below we can give advice on eligibility for the Global Talent Scheme. This scheme will give you unprecedented access to roles not currently eligible for sponsorship via a fast-tracked process, and put you on a level playing field with other companies in being able to attract the best and brightest talent.


There are two streams within the scheme:

  • Start-up Stream – for technology or STEM start-up businesses.
  • Established Business Stream – businesses which are listed or which have at least AUD 4 million turnover for the last 2 years and are accredited TSS sponsors.

We’re offering a free assessment of your business to ensure you are eligible and from there will advise you on the process, based on whether you’re a Start-up or an Established Business. We offer the free assessment without obligation so it’s completely up to you as to whether you would like to move ahead.


Global Talent Independent Visa

Global Talent Independent Program is a streamlined visa pathway for highly skilled professionals to work and live permanently in Australia. This scheme set to advance Australia’s competitiveness on a global stage and Australia is after the brightest and best global talents who are highly skilled in one of these 7 target sectors:

  • Resources
  • Agri-food and AgTech
  • Energy
  • Health Industries
  • Defence, Advanced Manufacturing and Space
  • Circular Economy
  • DigiTech
  • Infrastructure and Tourism
  • Financial Services and FinTech
  • Education


To consider this program, an applicant must:

  • Must be earning or ability to earn at least $153,600.
  • Prove they are internationally recognised with evidence of outstanding achievements.
  • Still be prominent in their field of expertise.
  • Provide evidence that they would be an asset to Australia in their area of expertise.
  • Have no difficulty obtaining employment in Australia or becoming established in their field.
  • Have a recognised organisation or individual in Australia endorse them as global talent, in the same field as the applicant.

Temporary Skill Shortage

The TSS visa (subclass 482) enables employers to address labour shortages by bringing in genuinely skilled workers where they cannot source an appropriately skilled Australian. It facilitates targeted use of overseas workers to address temporary skill shortages, while ensuring that Australian workers get priority.

TSS visa holders can work in Australia in their nominated occupation for their approved sponsor under one of three streams:

  • Short-Term stream of up to two years (unless international trade obligations apply). This stream is designed for Australian businesses to fill short-term skill gaps with foreign workers on a temporary basis, where a suitably skilled Australian worker cannot be sourced;
  • Medium-Term stream of up to four years. This stream allows employers to source foreign workers to address shortages in a narrower range of occupations in medium and long-term need, where a suitably skilled Australian worker cannot be sourced;
  • Labour Agreement stream may be utilised in exceptional cases where standard visa programs are not available and there is a demonstrated need that cannot be met in the Australian labour market.

Projects & Temporary Work Visa

The subclass 400 visa is for people who want to travel to Australia to:

  • Do short-term, highly specialised, non-ongoing work.
  • In limited circumstances, participate in an activity or work relating to Australia’s interests. ​


To consider this program, an applicant must:

  • Be invited, or supported, by the organisation the applicant will be working for.
  • Have specialist skills, knowledge or experience that is needed but cannot be found in Australia

Employer Nomination Scheme

The subclass 186 visa is a permanent residence visa for skilled workers. It allows you to work in Australia under one of three streams:​

  • Temporary Residence Transition stream
    After 3 years working with the business, the employee may be eligible to apply for Permanent Residency. This time with the business does not need to be continuous but does need to be with 1 organisation. Note that age and language requirements apply
  • Direct Entry stream
    If you are able to get a positive skills assessment then you may not need to wait 3 years with your employer before you apply for PR. If your company is willing to nominate you and you have a positive skills assessment then you can apply under the Direct Entry Stream. Note that age and language requirements apply.
  • Labour Agreement stream
    If your employer has a current Labour Agreement in place then you may be eligible to apply under the Labour Agreement Stream. Note that age and language requirements apply.

Skilled Visa

This subclass is for points-tested skilled workers who are seeking sponsorship either independently or by a nominated state or territory government. This process requires the individual to submit an expression of interest with the aim of receiving an invitation to apply. The skilled visa has two subclasses and three streams as detailed below:

Points Tested Stream
This visa lets invited workers with skills we need live and work permanently anywhere in Australia.

  • You don’t need a sponsor or nominator
  • You must be invited to apply
  • You must be under 45 to be invited

New Zealand Stream
This visa allows eligible New Zealand citizens who have demonstrated commitment and contribution to Australia, live and work in Australia permanently. Key requirements include:

  • You must hold a New Zealand Special Category (subclass 444) visa
  • You must have lived in Australia for at least the last 5 years
  • You must have started living here on or before 19 February 2016

State Nominated
This visa allows nominated skilled workers seeking state nomination to live and work in Australia as permanent residents:

  • Have an occupation on the relevant skilled list
  • Have a suitable skills assessment for the occupation
  • Be invited to apply for this visa
  • Satisfy the points test

We have helped many skilled applicants receive a positive outcome with this subclass. Now is the time to get in touch if you are wondering whether you qualify.

Business Innovation & Investment Visa

As we pave the way for businesses navigating the world of Migration, you can rest assured, that we understand business. Working closely with our directors, this visa pathway is for those entrepreneurs who are keen to own and manage a business or undertake investment in Australia.

​There are multiple streams under this subclass which includes:

  • Business Innovation Stream
    This stream is for individuals who have a proven history in successful business ownership and management who would like to continue to do so in Australia.
  • Significant Investor Stream
    As a significant investor, this will allow you to continue your investment activities in Australia permanently.
  • Premium Investor Stream
    As a premium investor, this visa will allow you to continue investment activities on a permanent basis in Australia.

Skill Assessment

Depending on your occupation, you may need to undergo a skills assessment for various visa types. Assessing bodies include ACS, Vetassess, CPA, EA. We work with you in preparing your documents to ensure the best outcome in your assessment so that you can then move on to submit your EOI or apply for your visa.

Consulting Services

As specialists in our field, we are often called upon by our clients for ad hoc advice. As well as the advice, we also provide ongoing, onsite support when required. This may be a factor when changing company structure, company ownership, mass hiring for projects etc. We can work with you to have a dedicated resource either in our office or onsite, to assist you in transitions or general consulting.

Eligibility Reports

If you’re on the job hunt and you’re constantly meeting the same objections of we don’t sponsor or it costs too much/ takes too long, then our assessment may help you. It is a simple breakdown of the costs, timelines and your eligibility.

This may be what you need just to get that interview in the first place, where you can then sell yourself in person, resource either in our office or onsite to assist you in transitions or general consulting.

Leave us your inquiry and one of our agent will get in touch with you very shortly or dial in at +61 02 8015 2183