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Visa Sponsorship As An Investment

Australia’s immigration system provides prospective employers with a range of sponsorship options so they can find and employ candidates from across the country. Sponsorship represents a process that can streamline the visa process and lets employers secure the workers they are hoping to hire temporary or even permanently. These visa pathways oblige the covering of costs by the sponsor themselves. Due to the costs associated, many perceive visa sponsorships as an investment in your workforce.

Temporary Skill Shortage Visa (Subclass 482) (TSS visa)

The TSS visa is a popular temporary visa that lets employers employ international workers for positions that the Australian workers available cannot fill. This visa allows the worker to stay in Australia for one to four years and will be impacted by whether they involve the short-term or medium-term streams. 

The application process has three stages for this visa, 1) sponsorship; 2) nomination; and 3) visa application. Each stage involves different costs and expenses to continue to the next. As the sponsor, you are legally responsible for these costs. These costs cover the administrative work associated with submitting and approving such applications. In some cases, fees associated will be directed by the government to the development of broader skills of the Australian people.

Sponsorship$420 (paid by employer for approval)
Sponsorship$330 (paid by employer for nomination)
Nomination$1,200 (annually paid by employer) and dependent on company turnover. 
Application$2,645 (for an occupation on medium/long-term list)
$1,265 (for an occupation on the short-term list)Total is levied throughout the process

Employer Nomination Scheme Visa Subclass 186 (ENS)

The ENS visa subclass was developed for skilled workers to be employed by Australian businesses and reside in the country permanently. This Subclass 186 visa involves two main stages 1) Nomination & 2)Visa Application.

This visa is not relevant for approved standard sponsor businesses. It has been developed for the purpose of the Direct Entry Stream, Temporary Residence Stream and Labour Agreement Stream.

Nomination$540 (paid by employer)
$3,000 (fee will depend on annual turnover being less than or exceeding 10 million dollars)
ApplicationFor the primary applicant- $4,045
For secondary applicants above 18- $2,025
For applicant under 18- $1,010
This fee can be absorbed by the applicant and will depend on stream type.

Skilled Employer-Sponsored Regional(Provisional) Visa Subclass 494

This visa, previously known as the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme Visa (Subclass 187), supports skilled workers in filling the positions that cannot be filled by Australian workers in regional areas. As a temporary visa, the cost will vary at each stage of the application process and depend upon which stream is associated. 

Sponsorship$420 (paid by employer)
Nomination$3,000 (depending on annual turnover)
ApplicationFor the primary applicant- $ 4,045
For secondary applicants over 18- $ 2,025
For applicant under 18- $1,010
Visa stream will determine final cost.

Other Associated Costs

Sponsors are responsible for all fees associated with this process, including the Department of Home Affairs fee to professional third party feeds. They should not be passed on to the applicant financially or emotionally, and major sanctions will respond if these costs fail to be paid. 

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