Australian Visa Eligibility Assessment

Is your business looking to employ and sponsor an international worker? In the circumstance a company cannot find a suitable employee to fill a role that is a permanent resident or Australian citizen, the business may be eligible to offer employment to a skilled international worker through sponsorship.

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Sponsorship is typically considered when a skilled person is not eligible for a visa on their own and enables a business to sponsor the person’s employment.

This allows the employee to work in Australia on a temporary or permanent basis. To determine whether this overseas worker is eligible to be considered for sponsorship, several pre-requisites must be met. It is recommended the individual consult with visa migration experts and complete an eligibility assessment to verify they meet the employer visa sponsorship requirements.

At Techvisa, our Australian Visa Eligibility Assessment can also break down the employee requirements, costs, and timelines of sponsorship, to determine if this decision is economically viable for the business. The eligibility test can be completed online at any time by an online form by providing Techvisa with the information needed to assess an individual’s visa eligibility.

Based on the results of the Australian Visa Eligibility Assessment, our experienced team can meet with both the prospective employee and Australian business to determine the most appropriate visa sponsorship options available for both parties.

Temporary Skills Shortage Visa

Typically, the most common visa type is the Temporary Skills Shortage Visa (TSS) (subclass 482), which enables skilled individuals to work for an approved employer temporarily for up to four years. However, this decision will depend on the job opportunity and whether the individual will be working for the business on a temporary or permanent basis. Following this, the employer sponsorship will be submitted.

Once the employer-sponsored visa application is approved, a nomination application for the job position needs to be applied for. The Techvisa migration experts can guide businesses through this process by providing expert advice and consultations where needed.

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Beyond simply filling a position there are a multitude of benefits to employing overseas workers, such as unique skillsets and diverse perspectives. If your business is looking to hire and sponsor international workers, our Australian Visa Eligibility Assessment is the first step to understanding if this decision is right for your company. Contact our migration experts to find out more now.


Is an eligibility test the same thing as the skills assessment?

The Techvisa ‘Australian Visa Eligibility Test’ aims to assess whether the individual meets eligibility requirements for sponsorship. Additionally, our assessment details the costs involved in both the sponsorship process as well as the timelines of sponsorship for the business. This could help a business identify if an employer sponsored visa would benefit the company and provide advice on which visa type would be best suited to the situation.

How do you know if you are eligible for Australia?

To determine your eligibility for an Australian visa, you can find out the requirements you already satisfy by taking the Techvisa eligibility report. Our website also offers further information on the different visa types available.

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