Consulting Services

Stepping into hiring international workers can be a new space for some businesses and we understand that it can be an overwhelming one. With years of experience, our migration consultants can be your guide through every step of the hiring journey.

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As specialists in our field, we are often called upon by our clients for ad hoc advice.

Part of our migration consultation role includes providing advice, but we also provide ongoing, onsite support when required. This may be a factor when changing company structure, company ownership, mass hiring for projects etc. We can work with you to have a dedicated resource either in our office or onsite, to assist you in transitions or general consulting.

As migration consultants, there are a range of ways we can help assist you in your endeavour to hire international workers. A few of these include:

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Assisting your business with the process of becoming eligible to sponsor workers on visas

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Assessing candidates chances of being approved for a visa

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Helping prepare applications and paperwork when navigating the visa application process

Our typical scope of business extends outside of help with securing temporary or permanent visas.

We also work together with businesses on tasks such as eligibility reports or skills assessments.

Eligibility reports are a convenient way to simply break down the costs associated with visas and sponsorship, plus timelines around the process and the candidates eligibility.

Skills assessments may be required for some candidates, depending on the position they intend to apply for or their visa type. In Australia there are multiple assessment bodies, but having documents completed correctly and well are key for a favourable outcome. We can work with you while you prepare these documents so you can move forwards from the assessment and onto submitting your documents.

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Either a helping hand or a second set of eyes, at Techvisa our migration consultants are here to help your application processes go smoothly, and obtaining the best outcomes.

Our migrational consultations are designed to be a convenient solution for either our existing clients or businesses looking for assistance navigating new territory. Simply contact us with details of your enquiry or call one of our agents for a brief-in chat and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible to let you know how we can help.

Subscription Options

To help you secure the best possible talent in the most concise and direct way, we’ve created a subscription model to aid your strategic planning for offshore hiring. As dedicated registered migration agents, we’ll conduct monthly progress meetings to discuss visa applications and advertising tracking. Choose from a variety of subscriptions to suit your company’s growth goals.

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Per consult + GST

  • 1 consultation with a Visa Agent
  • Service agreement
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Per quarter + GST

  • Unlimited consultations across the quarter with a dedicated Visa Agent
  • Master agreement in place
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Per quarter + GST

  • Unlimited consultations across the quarter with a dedicated Visa Agent
  • Master agreement in place
  • Monthly progress meetings to discuss active visa applications and advertising tracking
  • Quarterly meeting for strategic planning for offshore hires


Although onboarding international talent can open up a world of possibilities for your company, it can also be overwhelming keeping up-to-date with immigration regulations. Falling behind on these means that you run the risk of impacting your employees visa status and your ability to hire future international talent. We’re here to prevent this and to ensure that your employees are in safe hands whilst complying with current immigration law and policy.

Whether you’re in need of a helping hand, a second set of eyes, or someone to act as an extension of your team, our TechVisa team are here to help.