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Throughout 2020, there have been so many changes and it’s hard to know where you stand sometimes. Earlier in the year we let you know that you were able to work reduced hours and not have it impact your visa conditions. While this was great news, with every decision there is then a new question that comes up as a result. In this instance reduced hours and concessions kept people employed but it also created confusion about when you could apply for PR.

We had two very happy clients today kickstarting their permanent residency applications off the back of the incredible Migration Law concession announced by the Government.

The latest Migration legislation confirmed that any 457 visa holders whose work hours were reduced due to the Covid-19 pandemic will still be able to meet the employment period requirement for permanent residency applications. No need to work extra time to make up for leave or reduced hours.

This is great news and means that the Government do understand challenges being faced by temporary visa holders and also the genuine contribution being made.

If you have any concerns questions about when you’re eligible to apply for 186 TRT then please reach out and we can help you with identifying the right time to make a valid application and get the right result.