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It’s no secret that since international borders closed due to COVID-19 surges across the country back in 2020, getting workers into Queensland on visas has been increasingly difficult. With exemptions being few and far between, for many industries, the opening up of international borders is welcome news, with Queensland migrations for workers set to become easier over the coming months. 

What are the requirements for entering Queensland as of 2022?

We all know the rules and regulations around entering Australia have been in flux for quite some time now, but Queensland in particular, have taken the harder line stance historically, so before we talk about what the borders opening means, let’s unpack what’s required to get here first. 

From the 21st of February 2022, all fully vaccinated visa holders are allowed to enter Australia without applying for a travel exemption. However, unvaccinated visa holders are still required to have a valid travel exemption. Currently, ‘fully vaccinated’ is defined as having received two doses of an approved vaccine (at least 14 days apart), with 7 days having passed since the traveller received their last dose. 

Back in December 2021, borders were opened to international students, skilled migrants and more without the need for a travel exemption. 

What eased restrictions means for migrations

After temporary visa holders and international students were some of the first to face restrictions and blockages from reentering the country, it is worth discussing exactly what these eased restrictions mean. 

Skilled workers have been at the top of the list for some time, with 485 visa holders (which are usually granted to those with sought after skills) benefitting from the eased border restrictions back in December 2021, given that the government recognised the skill shortages across a range of industries. In the cases of those with expired 485 visas, to help overcome these barriers, expired visa holders were allowed an exemption to reapply and be granted a second 485 visa, which is typically not allowed. 

The introduction of bridging visas has also been discussed at length to help fill the gap as new visas are requested to replace those that expired during the lockdown. For 485 visa holders, many are expected not to receive their new visa, if granted, till mid-2022 which means that although restrictions are easing, we may not see an immediate rise in Queensland migration. 

What industries do we predict to see the most benefit

The rising wages in the technology sector, due to increasing demand and a talent pool unable to keep up with needs, means that this industry will be the hot spot for international talent. We expect the reopening of international borders to greatly benefit this industry as they finally gain access to a more comprehensive pool of applications and face greater chances of successfully sponsoring them to enter Australia. 

Outside of the tech industries, we expect to see the hospitality, farming and tourism industries boom now that the border restrictions have eased to allow in tourists, who naturally carry spending potential. Off the back of this, there are hopes that staff shortages in industries like hospitality will ease, and the economy will see a positive uplift. 

Need help organising a visa for a worker? 

If your business is interested in sourcing talent from overseas but requires some support in the process, the team at Techvisa would be happy to help. With our services, including skills assessments, eligibility reports and support with paperwork applications to assist with the best outcomes, our team is qualified to help. Contact us today to learn more about how the easing of the Queensland border restrictions can benefit your business to recruit international workers.