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For talent looking abroad for employment, a country that sits at the top of this list is Australia, and for a good reason. As the world’s 13th largest economy, along with an amazing climate and lifestyle, Australia offers appealing workplace benefits. Discover what makes Australia one of the best countries to work in today and why it attracts the world’s top talent. 

Global Competitiveness Index 

Did you know Australia ranked 16th overall in the Global Competitiveness Index Report? Produced by the World Economic Forum, this report reviews the determinants of long-term economic growth across all countries globally. Australia ranked above the high-income group average for macro-economic stability, health, skills, and innovation capability, showing just how attractive Australia can be for global talent to explore job opportunities and grow as professionals. 

Australia is also classed as 22nd in the World Competitiveness Ranking. Further highlighting the country’s ability to remain competitive globally and manage its competencies and the wider economy to achieve long-term value creation. 

Our High Quality of Life

With an incredibly low population density of 3.3 people per. square kilometre Australia provides a great environment to work and live. In fact, Australia is one of the happiest places to live.

With an effective education system, ample job opportunity and security, high health expectancies, good housing conditions, social support networks, a quality environment and more, it’s no surprise that Aussie workers are happy. As an inclusive and multicultural society, Australia provides a safe working environment for international talent to thrive in. 

The emphasis within Australian corporate culture for a work-life balance also provides an excellent equilibrium between work and recreational time for international workers. Especially off the back of the Covid pandemic, Australia is enthusiastically taking on board the work from home and flexible work styles that many companies are implementing.

With such a beautiful country to explore, there is so much to see and do outside of work hours. Australia is also an attractive country for talented overseas workers due to its favourable climate. With tropical temperatures in the Northern regions to seasonal weather in Southern Australia, it is a great environment to live and work in. 

Personal & Financial Security 

Australia currently has an unemployment rate of 4.2%, which is in line with the ideal rate of 4-5%. Considering this, along with a skill shortage for certain industries, Australia’s job market is ripe with opportunities for experienced overseas talent to explore. 

The average Australian salary is $67,860AUD per. Annum and is 10th highest in per. capita income. This provides great financial security and stability compared to other countries. In addition to financial security, Australia also has a low crime rate, providing a safe and secure environment to work and live in. 

Employment Benefits

In Australia, employees receive pension benefits called Superannuation. Provided international workers meet the age and residency requirements, employees receive a contribution from their employer each time they are paid towards their retirement savings fund. 

Employment & Skill Shortage

Australia is experiencing a shortage of skilled and experienced workers, impacting businesses across industries and sectors. Not only this, but employees from international markets are extremely valued within the labour force. Primarily due to their different backgrounds, unique perspectives, and fresh insights.  This provides a great opportunity for talented overseas labour to migrate to Australia for employment. 

As a result of this shortage, the Australian Government offers a Temporary Skill Shortage or TSS visa (subclass 482). This assists Australian employers in addressing labour shortages within their business by finding skilled workers internationally, where they are unable to locate an experienced Australian labourer. To find out more about this visa class, contact our team of expert migration specialists to see how they can help. 

Efficient Migration Processes

In comparison to other countries, Australia also has a shorter visa migration process.. This enables skilled international labour to find job opportunities in Australia and move with relative ease. There are several visa options available for talent looking to make the move to Australia, such as the Temporary Skill Shortage Visa, Projects & Temporary Work Visa, Employer Nomination Scheme, Skilled Visa, Business Innovation & Investment Visa and the Global Talent Scheme
Overall, Australia’s economic prospects, quality of life and skill-shortage provide overseas talent with ample opportunity in the labour market. If you are considering applying for a visa or are an employer looking to sponsor an international worker, consult with our visa migration specialists to determine what visa subclass and avenue is best for you. Get in contact with the Techvisa team today.