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Techvisa is committed to providing a personalised and efficient Australian immigration service that lets you take your recruiting strategy international. Often mistaken for just too much effort, hiring internationally lets your business reap numerous benefits. As Techvisa’s services provide you with the ‘how’, let us take you through the ‘why’

Addresses the Current Labour Shortage

As Australian workplaces continue to adapt to the post-covid era, the current labour shortage represents a major obstacle to reviving our economy. The Financial Review has found a record 85 per cent of Australian businesses report staff shortages and stunting their operation to still below full capacity. 

Recent increases in migration numbers for skilled workers, particularly to fast-growing tech sectors, represent an attempt by the federal government to facilitate this key step to the economic rebound. If your business is experiencing a worker drought, diversifying your talent pool by going international is an effective solution. Hiring internationally can benefit your business by supporting you in addressing the current labour shortage and powering your business with international skilled workers.

Access to international talent

By expanding your recruitment efforts globally, you can address the current labour shortage with a diverse pool of international talent. Global hiring improves the effectiveness of your hiring process by widening the search radius to help you find the best talent available on a global scale beyond just your community. 

The need for skilled workers continues to grow to address the developments in new technology. International hiring provides you with a more extensive group to find the skills, knowledge and experience you need to fill this job and overall, enhance your business’ operation.

Diversify your Workforce

By diversifying your workforce with international hiring, you can serve to introduce a new perspective into your workplace. International employees can enrich your business’ skill proficiency with different experiences and education.

uncover solutions and successfully apply them to overcome obstacles.

This increase in skills, knowledge and outlooks has the capacity to increase productivity and enhance your operation. Recent research has found ethnic diversity provides a 35% higher likelihood of seeing above-average financial returns.

Beyond the daily experiences of your business, international employees can elevate your brand, reflecting a commitment to the values of diversity, new ideas and a global vision.

An Improved Global Brand: expansion opportunities & exploration into new markets

International hiring can serve to help widen the scope of your business to be equipped to break into new markets. Through your diverse workforce of a range of skills, your business is more prepared to reach new markets and non-English speaking nations.

Enriching your business’ skill set and market insights supports you in breaking away from a homogenous workforce and offers a global edge to your business’ operation. Embracing international employees offers the possibility of brand awareness in new markets. Moreover, international hires keep you well-informed to break into new cultures and a strategy based on your employees’ global perspectives. 

Efficient Migration Processes

The range of migration services available to skilled workers in Australia currently makes reaping these benefits more efficient and convenient. The current visa affordances empower employees and employers to take advantage of global recruitment. To meet the current labour shortage, the federal government is continuing to invest in immigration schemes to support businesses in making this recruitment choice. 

Various schemes currently available and caps being revised year to year can be elected to fulfil your global hiring process. The Temporary Skill Shortage Visa, Projects & Temporary Work Visa, Employer Nomination Scheme, Skilled Visa, Business Innovation & Investment Visa and the Global Talent Scheme represent the schemes Techvisa can facilitate for you in hiring. Our visa migration specialists determine what visa subclass and avenue is best for you and your situation and help you take advantage of Australia’s vast skilled worker immigration services. 

Get in Touch!

Australia’s economic prospects, quality of life and skill shortage provide overseas talent with ample opportunity in the labour market. If you are considering applying for a visa or are an employer looking to sponsor an international worker, get in contact with the Techvisa team today.