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Global Talent Spotlight

Showcasing Exceptional Individuals

– Steffen Weidenhaus | Digitech

The Global Talent Visa program gives us the opportunity to access emerging skillsets from around the world, crucial to the economic growth of our country.

Here at Techvisa, we get to work with some of the most incredible humans who have decided to call Australia home.

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Steffen Weidenhaus to pick his brain about his journey through the Global Talent Program, working with Techvisa and the motivation behind choosing Australia.

Why did you choose Australia? 

Personal perspective

Cultural diversity: New ideas and perspectives for our daily lives – it’s great to be part of a community of people from various backgrounds. I really appreciate the offering of various world class cuisines, art exhibitions and concerts.

Nature: We love the outdoors, Australia offers the possibility to have a great mix of different landscapes, from beautiful beaches to astounding national parks for hiking, one can enjoy nature basically 365 days per year.

Geopolitical: Australia is far away from most of the conflict zones in the world, democracy and institutions are robust and transparent.

Professional perspective

Innovative business culture: Forty-eight out of Boston Consulting Group’s top 50 most innovative companies operate in Australia, innovative tech companies like Google, Bosch, Unilever and government institutes like CSIRO offer world class jobs and research opportunities. There is a lot less red tape for entrepreneurs than back home, especially when compared to Germany. The thriving business community here offers a wide network for entrepreneurs making it easy to establish.

What are some of your biggest Professional achievements?

I was the tech lead for SAP’s most important internal reporting landscape that had a positive impact on all parts of the global organisation.

I ran a very successful consulting business in Germany in Switzerland.

How have your skills, experience and knowledge contributed to the Australian industry/community?

I haven’t been in Australia long enough to leave a lasting impression, but I am currently volunteering with an NGO in the humanitarian sector while setting up my consulting business.

What projects are you currently working on or have planned for the future?  

I have an established consulting business for clients from industry and public sector and have built my own SaaS business where I am currently working on different prototypes.

How was your experience working with the team at Techvisa?

Working with Techvisa was perfect, professional and friendly service, transparent and up-to-date communication and a level of expertise I wouldn’t find anywhere else. Definitely worth recommending to friends and colleagues and will be my go-to partner for all future enquiries.

Get in touch if you have any questions regarding the Global Talent Visa program