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Part 1: Navigating APAC expansion: Ensuring Success for Xero when scaling into Singapore


Scaling your business operations into new markets is an exciting venture for any tech company. It opens opportunities for growth, innovation, and access to a diverse customer base. When it comes to global expansion, the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region has emerged as a hotspot for tech companies seeking new growth opportunities. In this six-part series, we explore success stories of companies that have successfully scaled their operations into Singapore, with a particular focus on the services provided by Techvisa’s partners in Singapore. Accela Group, a leading provider of visa solutions for tech companies expanding into Singapore, has been instrumental in assisting companies like Xero in their journey. Acting as a reliable partner and advisor throughout the expansion process.


I. Assisting Companies in making strong Connections to Singapore

Navigating a new market can be a daunting task for tech companies expanding globally. Accela Group in conjunction wiuth Techvisa understand the challenges involved and plays a pivotal role in helping companies like Xero connect with new communities, people, and ways of working in Singapore. The expertise and guidance from the team at Accela ensure a smooth transition and establish a strong foundation for success.

  1. Regulatory Advisory and Alignment: A Key Support

Accela Group in conjuntion with Techvisa act as a trusted advisor, offering essential guidance on local regulations and aligning headquarters’ processes with Singaporean requirements. By staying up to date with ever-changing legal frameworks, they help companies like Xero maintain compliance, minimise risks, and avoid potential setbacks.

  1. Keeping Employees Informed: Navigating Border Controls and COVID-19 Challenges

During the COVID-19 pandemic, travel restrictions and evolving border control measures added complexity to the expansion process for Xero. Accela Group took on the role of a reliable source of information, keeping employees of Xero informed about the latest developments and providing clarity on immigration protocols. This ensured a smooth transition for employees and reduced any potential disruptions.

  1. Accessible Point of Contact: Supporting Employee Queries

Accela Group in conjunction with Techvisa serve as a readily accessible point of contact for employee queries. They understand the importance of promptly addressing concerns and providing accurate advice. By being a reliable source of advice and support, they contribute to the overall success of the expansion by ensuring that employees feel supported and well-informed throughout the process.


II. Services Offered by Accela Group & Techvisa to Support Companies

Accela in conjunction with Techvisa offer a comprehensive suite of services specifically designed to support tech companies expanding into Singapore. Their tailored solutions address the unique challenges faced by these companies and provide crucial assistance at every stage of the expansion journey.

  1. Work Pass Processing (WPP): Streamlining the Immigration Process

Accela Group’s expertise in work pass processing ensures a seamless and efficient immigration process for companies and their employees. By navigating the complexities of Singapore’s employment regulations, they help companies like Xero obtain the necessary work passes and permits, ensuring compliance with local labor laws.

  1. Employment Regulations: Expert Insights for Informed Decisions

Understanding and complying with employment regulations is essential for companies entering a new market. Accela Group’s consultation services provide valuable insights and guidance on Singapore’s employment landscape. This empowers companies like Xero to make informed decisions regarding employment practices, ensuring a strong foundation for their operations in Singapore.

  1. Relocation Advising: Facilitating Smooth Transitions

Relocating key personnel, such as the Managing Director for Singapore, is crucial for successful expansion. Accela Group in conjunction with Techvisa provide relocation advising services, assisting with the logistical aspects of employee relocation. By offering support and guidance throughout the process, they ensure a seamless transition for employees and their families, allowing them to quickly settle into their new roles and contribute to the company’s growth.

We are extremely excited to have partnered with the team at Accela Group, ensuring we can provide businesses with localised expertise when scaling throughout the APAC.

Get in touch with our team at Techvisa if you have any questions regarding APAC expansion!