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The new ‘Skills in Demand Visa Australia’ is set to replace the Temporary Skill Shortage (Subclass 482) Visa and create pathways to Permanent Residency for ALL applicants.


In a comprehensive Migration Strategy announced on 12 December 2023, the Department of Home Affairs has announced a number of significant updates – primarily focusing on skilled migration and streamlining processes with an aim to boost the economy and bring temporary skilled migration numbers back down to pre-pandemic levels.

Skills in Demand Visa Australia:

Set to replace the current Temporary Skill Shortage (Subclass 482) visa in 2024. The new Skills in Demand visa Australia is a 4-year temporary skilled visa consisting of three streams targeting applicants at different skill levels in various industries.

  1. Specialist Skills Pathway – Attracting highly skilled workers: The Specialist Skills Pathway will no longer rely on skilled occupation lists, will require a minimum salary threshold of $135,000, and provide a fast 7-day processing time.
  2. Core Skills Pathway – To meet targeted workforce needs: The largest pathway for temporary skilled migrants, featuring a regularly updated occupation list and minimum earnings of at least at the Temporary Skilled Migration Income Threshold (TSMIT), set at $70,000.
  3. Essential Skills Pathway – Targeted at lower paid workers: Under evaluation for lower-paid workers, with details to be finalised in early to mid-2024.

Streamlined Labour Market Testing: 

This will be achieved by removing the need to advertise positions on Workforce Australia (effective Immediately). In addition, the department is considering the move away from employer conducted labour market testing and towards a mechanism for independent verification of labour market need.

Worker Mobility:

The department have acknowledged that movement between employers is not necessarily a negative thing and is a crucial part of employee development. Moving forward, any time spent with an approved employer will be recognised towards permanent residence requirements. In addition, the implementation of a 180-day period to find a new employer while still being able to work will also be implemented (an increase from the current 60-day period).

Modernising accreditation pathways for Approved Sponsors: 

The strategy will help approved sponsors gain access to migrant workers. The department will also open the accredited sponsor program to start-ups that have received venture capital from a registered venture capital fund.


What is the new Skills in Demand Visa and how does it differ from the Temporary Skill Shortage Visa?

The Skills in Demand Visa, replacing the Temporary Skill Shortage (Subclass 482) Visa in 2024, is a 4-year temporary skilled visa with three streams targeting various skill levels and industries, offering pathways to Permanent Residency for all applicants.

What are the three streams of the Skills in Demand Visa?

The three streams of the Skills in Demand Visa are the Specialist Skills Pathway for highly skilled workers with a $135,000 minimum salary, the Core Skills Pathway with an updated occupation list and a $70,000 minimum salary threshold, and the Essential Skills Pathway, targeting lower-paid workers

What are the new provisions for worker mobility under the Skills in Demand Visa?

The new provisions include recognition of time spent with approved employers towards permanent residency and a 180-day period to find a new employer while retaining the ability to work

How is the accreditation pathway for Approved Sponsors changing?

This accredited sponsor program will be open to start-ups with venture capital from a registered fund, facilitating easier access to migrant workers.



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